Eat & Drink

The Village is Spoilt for Choice

When it comes to our selection of food, we can often choose from Dressed Crab or Lobsters to Sea Bass caught and landed at the Quay outside. Bespoke Sausages from Andrew at the Meat Shed and Pinney’s Smoke House for our Fish Platters (and more). And of course Pump Street Chocolate and wonderful Harvey’s Sourdough Bread.

Our food choices change daily as the unique arrives at our door, some vegetables and ice creams are best stored frozen but otherwise, whenever possible, the Jolly Sailor will be a fresh food kitchen. In the summer you might choose to eat alfresco – we have protected some of the terrace from the weather gods and built a garden bar.

Come enjoy the sunset over the marshes…

Proudly Showcasing Adnams

The Jolly Sailor is proud to be a showcase for the great brewers that Adnams are.

They also have some unsung heroes buying great wines and distillations too, and these wine and spirit finds we offer as our house specialities.

Lunch & Dinner


12pm to 5pm – Monday to Saturday (lunchtime lites)

12pm to 9pm  – Monday to Saturday (à la carte)

12pm to 6pm – Sunday